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Stiff Links.....

Defunct Amusement Parks.  Photos and listings of abandoned/closed amusement parks across the country.
Urban Legends and Folklore. That story you heard about  some guy's distant cousin having his liver stolen in Central Park? It's probably bullshit. Check here to find out.
Laff in the Dark. Listings of classic dark rides and funhouses.
Roadside America. Want to know where you can find the Largest Ball of Twine exibit? This is your guide to offbeat roadside attractions.
Mad Martian Museum of Modern Madness .  Toilet of Terror, plastic eyeball & stick bug get the idea....don't you?
Ed Wood Home Page.  Angora for everyone!
Dead People Server.   Slim Whitman. Dead or alive? See which celebs are still breathing or not.
Batmobile Homepage.  Ever  wonder  where the original Batmobile(s) are now?
Emergency Vehicle Owners & Operators Association.  A club for vehicles that have the right of way at red lights.
Welcome to the Official Cadillac Web Site.  See what you can't afford this year.

Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts (DAFE) Dark ride aficionados.



Hearse Owners on the Net.....
Stiff City Warrior  69' Cadillac Hot Rod.
Sonny's Hearse Page  75' Cadillac Superior.
Ron's Unusual Rides  50' Pontiac  

Barry's Professional-Car  79' Cadillac Fleetwood 75 limousine

Hearse Clubs...

Phantom Coaches 



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